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Dennis Fink
Updated logos
# C3L Logos etc..

## Folder structure

* Fonts - Fonts needed

Every category folder contains the following subfolders:

* EPS - SVG rendered as EPS
* PDF - SVG rendered as PDF, with fonts rendered as paths
* PLAIN_SVG - SVG saved as plain svg and fonts rendered as paths
* PNG - SVG rendered as PNG
* SVG - Original SVG files

## How to use the scripts?

Design your artwork as an SVG and save it in the respective category
folder in the SVG subfolder.

Before committing run the scripts on the category folder:

./ Stickers/

This will convert the SVG to the other formats using innkscape.

Afterwards run the scripts on the category folder. This
will use optipng to compress the PNG files.

./ Stickers/